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BoJack Horseman is one of the most popular shows on Netflix.
BoJack Horseman is one of the most popular shows on Netflix.

‘We can’t wait for Netflix!’

That’s the message from Chinese TV brand TCL; the emerging powerhouse in home entertainment believes the impending introduction of the incredibly popular, super-trendy American streaming service to Australia in March 2015 will be a boon for all TV suppliers, especially those that have taken a proactive approach to Smart TV technology.

Speaking to Appliance Retailer this week, managing director Harry Wu said the arrival of Netflix is set to be a game-changer for internet TV in Australia.

“We believe that the potential entry of Netflix into the Australian market will increase demand for Smart TVs in Australia,” Wu said. “The introduction of such a recognisable brand such as Netflix will drive incremental smart television sales, and adds to an already growing list of online content currently available on smart televisions. “Netflix will also increase consumer awareness around the benefits of smart televisions, and the incorporation of more smart technology into everyday life.”

In addition to Netflix, there is also Stan, a joint venture between Channel Nine and Fairfax, as well as the existing Quickflix, which has struggled to find an audience so far. Channels Ten and Seven are also expected to announce streaming services in the coming months, but it is Netflix, with its huge global reach and fantastic brand reputation, that has TV supplier excited.

“We believe that the introduction of a product, and brand such as Netflix will have a positive impact on Smart TV sales in Australia as consumers begin to learn more about the incorporation of smart content into their televisions,” continued Wu. “Besides growing Smart television sales, there will also be a large growth in product awareness amongst consumers, which will provide an overall growth in the television market as consumers look to incorporate more smart technology into their lives.”

TCL has been slowly growing its presence in Australia, having started as a value brand with distribution mostly through Victorian and regional retailers. The company this year celebrated 10 years sponsoring the Melbourne Cup Carnival at Flemington and is slowly releasing more higher end TVs. Earlier this year, the company unveiled a strong range of Ultra HD and Smart TVs and as expanded distribution through more retailers. Globally, the company partnered with hit film X-Men: Days of Future Past, which grossed just under $234 million at the US Box Office and is currently the #6 film of 2014. Locally, TCL has just commenced a summer co-sponsoring the A-League, along with retailer Harvey Norman.

It’s clearly been a big year for the brand and the introduction of Netflix to the TCL platform it set to kickstart an even bigger 2015.

“TCL’s ongoing technological advancements ensure we are at the forefront of providing consumers with the latest technology,” Wu said. As part of that commitment TCL is committed to ensuring that we are providing our customers with the best access to smart technology here in the Australian market, and as such we are also confident of being able to support a product such as Netflix through our current smart platforms.”