With new 5-year warranty.

Canon Australia is demonstrating the quality of its Mirrorless, DSLR, Digital Video Camera and Lens ranges, backing them with a new 5-year warranty.

To understand warranty expectations in the Australian market, Canon Australia commissioned the Consumer Warranty Expectations Survey 2019 which found Australian adults link the length of a manufacturer warranty to brand trust, good value and product quality.

Almost 87% of respondents agreed that a longer manufacturer warranty means a higher product quality and delivers certainty that what they buy is good value.  Also, one in four respondents said when choosing between two brands, if price and specifications were similar, they would choose the product with the longer warranty.

Canon Australia director for consumer imaging, Jason McLean, said consumer expectations have evolved due to the rise of a new ‘transient goods’ mindset and consumer electronic (CE) brands setting low expectations for the quality of their products by offering shorter than appropriate warranties.

“It is time for brands in the industry to modernise their manufacturer warranties to reflect consumer expectations of quality, trust and good value,” he said.

According to Canon, when comparing consumer expectations to warranties currently available on the market, there is a gap for common CE goods such as mobile phone and digital cameras.

The survey also revealed that Australian consumers generally don’t expect warranties to extend past three years, even for products costing $3,500 on average. This includes refrigerators and TVs, both of which consumers have previously expressed in a Choice survey they expect to last between 5-11 years.

With its new 5-year warranty, Canon believes it is offering a new standard in Australia for CE brands that are assured in the reliability and quality of their products. “If Australian CE brands are confident in the quality of their higher-end products, why wouldn’t they follow our lead in backing it with an appropriate manufacturer warranty?” McLean said.

With over half of millennial survey respondents admitting to spending money impulsively at key sales times like Black Friday, he urged consumers to look beyond price “and consider the local manufacturer’s warranty as a signal that it is confident in the quality of the product”.