To celebrate world’s best photographers.

Season one of Canon’s locally conceived and produced photography adventure series, Tales by Light is now available in 4K resolution to the global Netflix audience. It is a six-part series that follows five photographers.


Canon Australia director of consumer imaging and executive producer of the series, Jason McLean said, “Having Tales by Light season one available on Netflix is a wonderful acclamation of the quality and broad appeal of our Australian-made photography series and we are excited that it will now entertain millions of subscribers around the world.

“This series is unique and started from our simple aim of celebrating the amazing visual storytellers who push the creative boundaries and it’s great that this concept resonates so well across regional divides.”

Prior to joining Netflix, Tales by Light season one screened initially on the National Geographic Channel subscription network in Australia and New Zealand. It was produced locally in 2015 and offers a glimpse into some of Australia and the world’s best photographic storytellers.