Bosch is releasing a new premium cooking range, headlined by the Series | 8 and accent|line oven collections this month. Complementing the ovens are a selection of accent|line induction cooktops and dishwashers.

Described as the company’s ‘most significant cooking appliance launch in eight years’, the new Bosch Series | 8 and accent|line full size 60cm and compact 45cm ovens are designed to meet culinary requirements from steaming and baking to roasting and air frying.

The Digital Control Ring engraved into the glass, paired with the stainless steel look handle in the Series | 8 or carbon black handle in the accent|line collection, effortlessly blend into any kitchen.

The control ring – an iconic feature of Bosch Series | 8 ovens – has evolved into a digital ring engraved in the glass on the control panel to easily adjust oven settings.

The high-resolution TFT touch display provides clear, vivid images and informative text, guiding through each step of program options. For an extra layer of sophistication, Bosch offers an enlarged TFT Touch Display Plus and 6.8-inch full-surface TFT Touch Display Pro on select accent|line ovens.

The new oven range introduces an Air Fry Function, which requires less fat than deep frying. Continuing a focus on healthy cooking, Steam Function Plus can cook potatoes up to 35% faster and green beans up to 50% quicker than predecessor models. Perfect Steam ensures consistent steam generation ensuring bread and roasts maintain crispiness and moisture levels, thanks to precise sensors and automatic steam regulation.

The new Bosch ovens also incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver precise cooking times and results. Features like PerfectBake Plus and PerfectRoast Plus are joined by Individual Browning in the top of the range accent|line model, which works alongside the integrated oven camera to detect when compatible dishes are browned then automatically stops the cooking process.

There’s also an option to ask the Oven Assistant how to cook a dish via voice control or the Home Connect app and the oven will set the ideal heating mode, temperature and time automatically and turn off once the dish is ready.

In addition to keeping food warm, the multi-functional warming drawers can also slow cook meat, defrost frozen foods, melt chocolate, dry fruit and let dough prove. As part of the accent|line range, Bosch also offers a vacuum-sealing drawer for fresh produce, leftovers, and open bottles of wine.

Read more about the Bosch Series | 8 and accent|line ranges in the October/November print and digital edition of Appliance Retailer – out soon.