BORA is preparing to roll out new partner display modules, showcasing its core range of downdraft cooktops and recently launched X BO combi steam oven.

Featuring a compact and versatile format, the new display modules allow for greater flexibility in retail showrooms.

“We wanted to offer the ability to easily reposition product in store and rotate the display location during promotional periods or live demonstrations,” BORA APAC country manager, Stefano Di Giovanni said.

“We also feel that large bulky kitchen displays detract from the appliance as consumers get side tracked into the infrastructure, rather than the product itself.”

The cooktop presenters are multi-layered drawer formats which can house three cooktops in a single display unit. There are two versions available with either the Professional 3.0 cooktop or the Classic 2.0 cooktop on top and two additional cooktops in the drawers beneath.

BORA has already installed the new displays at its recently opened showroom in The Build and Design Centre in South Brisbane; a selection centre for builders, designers and the general public, as well as a trade support showroom for nearby dealers to bring in clients or host events.

BORA will also use the displays for trade shows including the Brisbane Home Show in February and Sydney Home Show in March, as well as activities among the design community.

Making its debut at EuroCucina 2022, BORA’s X BO combi steam oven is a commercial grade oven in a 60cm size with a large foldable 19-inch LED touch display and self-extraction button door release.

The vapour box eliminates steam and odours when the door is opened. If the Smart Open door pre-opening system has been activated, the steam is extracted from the oven chamber before the door opens automatically, to avoid ‘a face full of steam and odours’.

In addition to preventing steam from escaping, the BORA X BO has an integrated activated charcoal filter to keep the air in the kitchen fresh.

Thanks to a unique four-point food thermometer, the ideal cooking temperature can be easily determined. Located at the top of the oven chamber, it is inserted into the food to be cooked. The measuring points located along the sensor constantly detect the coldest areas of the food. Once the food has reached the pre-programmed target temperature, the cooking process automatically finishes. 

The cleaning process is also simple, working similar to a dishwasher. The oven chamber is thoroughly cleaned and descaled by a combination of hot water and environmentally friendly active ingredients in the two-chamber cleaning cartridge.