Impressed by new Asko Pro Home Laundry range.

One of the most diverse groups of senior Australian retailers ever assembled for an overseas appliance event have described the launch of the new generation Asko Pro Home Laundry products as the best they have experienced.

Over 20 retail representatives including Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Winning Appliances, Bing Lee, Betta Home Living, Spartan Electrical and E&S Trading all delivered an overwhelmingly positive review of the new products to be released later this year.

Australian retailers were impressed by the ability to obtain more information about the wash cycles and features by holding down the buttons on the new Asko Pro Home Laundry products.

In interviews conducted with Appliance Retailer, the retailers described the event held in Stockholm last week to launch the new Pro Home Laundry products as “the most beautiful laundry products I have seen”, while others described it as “very impressive”, “a perfect representation of Scandinavian design” and “the best laundry product launch I have ever experienced”.

Using key insights obtained from hours of consumer interviews and observational studies, the Asko Pro Home Laundry range of washing machines deliver retailers a premium design made from a single piece of stainless steel with a much larger opening for loading and unloading clothes combined with the trademarked Steel Seal stainless steel door that replaces the much-maligned rubber bellow seal used by other manufacturers.

The Steel Seal feature on the new Asko ProHome Laundry range eliminates the need for a rubber below in the door.

A key feature of the new range identified by retailers as being a potential game-changer was the ability to hold down iPhone-style metal buttons located under wash cycles and function modes on the full colour TFT-display to reveal a short description of that cycle or mode – benefiting both the end consumer and also the retailer during a point of sale demonstration.

The new products continue to use Asko’s well-known professional-style Quattro Construction platform and are also available in three tiers – Classic, Logic and Style, with up to 12kg of capacity, 1800 rpm spin speed and incorporating an auto-dosing system.

The top-of-the-line Style washing machine within the new Asko Pro Home Laundry range with full colour TFT.

Other key features include an increased number of customised programs to deliver improved fabric care as well as flexible options to provide faster, quieter or more environmentally sustainable laundry modes with as many as six personalized programs available to be saved for frequent use.

The new Asko Pro Home Laundry washing machine offers an auto-dosing feature and also retains the heritage of the brand’s signature Quattro Construction platform

A matching range of dryers with a premium stainless steel construction and brushed aluminum finish were also launched featuring Soft Drum technology to enhance air flow around the clothes from an indented drum print as well as Air Lift paddles, Butterfly Drying, brushless motor, full colour TFT display and a new multi-filter system.


The top-of-the-line Asko Pro Home Laundry heat pump dryer with steam wrinkle care and refresh, Soft Drum technology, Air Lift paddles and multi-filter system

According to Asko senior industrial designer, Jon Carlehed, the new generation of laundry products “has its roots in the Scandinavian design and mindset, where minimalism, elegance and sophisticated lines play an important role”.

“Classic white in combination with stylish metal details means that these machines fit seamlessly into most contexts and will last over time,” he said.

The new Asko Pro Home Laundry dryer features Soft Drum technology to enhance air flow around the clothes by utilising an indented drum print inspired by golf ball design

Asko’s aim was to deliver clean Scandinavian design utilising a brushed aluminium finish and heavy die-cast components delivering premium tactile controls.