EuroCucina in 2014 has been a mix of brands launching new products and brands dishing up plates of food made on existing products. Here are our picks for the Best of EuroCucina:

Best ‘Plate’ Stand

Gaggenau: A small corner of the show was transformed into a old-style bakery farmhouse, with artisan bakers, winemakers and distinguished chef Cesare Casella preparing delicious treats from the finest ingredients.

Honourable Mention: Miele.

Best ‘Product’ Stand

Smeg: No food whatsoever, just 100-plus new products across cooking, refrigeration, wine chilling, dishwashing and cooktops. You left hungry for food but not ideas.

Honourable Mention: Electrolux

Best Innovation

Electrolux showcased a dishwasher with a rack-lifting function. When you pull the bottom rack out, it elevates to a convenient waste height for loading and unloading.

Honourable Mention: Siemens vacuum sealing refrigeration compartment.

Best Product

Smeg 50s Style: Okay, so it was technically released the night before EuroCucina opened but I am in no doubt that this is a game changer as it allows consumers to have a single brand across the full suite of major and small appliances.

Honourable Mention: Wolf New Generation Gas Cooktops

Craziest Rangehood Design

Elica Ye
Crazy: Elica’s Ye rangehood.

Elica Ye: As this image shows, plenty of onlookers were captivated by this unusual design from renowned rangehood designer Fabrizio Crisa.

Best Rangehood Design

Faber Loft
Magnificence: Faber Loft.

Faber Loft: This elegant piece evokes New York City with its metropolitan skyline-esque lighting and Central Park-shaped rectangular design. The name ‘Loft’ is redolent with bohemian chic, conflating the best in modern technology with a yearning for our artistic youth.