By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: High end audio specialists Bose yesterday simulated the engine noise of a passenger aircraft to demonstrate the effectiveness of its new range of noise cancelling headphones. Rather than comparing the performance of the new QuietComfort 15 against its rivals, Bose contrasted the new model with its predecessor in the range, the QuietComfort 2. The effect was impressive.

With a noise meter in place, Bose cranked its sound generator up to 90 decibels – around the same figure as an airplane in flight – and asked guests at the product launch to turn on their QuietComfort 2 units. After a short period of moderately reduced ambient noise, the assembled press then switched to the QuietComfort 15. The difference was substantial. The new models offered users a noticeably quieter experience.

Bose technical manager Alexander Healy said Bose had been perfecting noise cancellation technology for over 30 years. Although there are a number of suppliers now operating in this category, few are positioning themselves at this high level. Available today for RRP $449, this model will only be sold through Bose stores and from Bose directly.

Also launched yesterday, and available through wider, though not comprehensive, distribution, is the Bose SoundDock 10 digital music system. In truth, this unit is a high-end iPod dock, which utilises Bose’s patented audio technology to create “concert hall volume” in a relatively compact form factor.

Healy demonstrated sound quality of this model with classical music, a waltz and a musical number. Further tests were run by this journalist with music by Noah and the Whale, Panic at the Disco and My Chemical Romance. The results were quite good, with the supporting instruments on ‘Five Years Time’ clearly audible.

The SoundDock 10 is being released on 27 October 2009 for RRP $999. At launch, it will be sold through Bose stores, from Bose directly, and through Bose’s retail channel. Retailers include Myer, David Jones, Sydney Hi-Fi, Audio Connection and Audio Solutions.

Jade Simpson, from Bose marketing, said the launch will be supported by an advertising campaign and retailer training.

“We have a pretty extensive media campaign leading up to Christmas,” Simpson said. “From the minute the product launches, for six to eight weeks, we hope to be in the market advertising the product and driving people into stores.

“And over the next couple of weeks we’re touring around the country and launching this product to our resellers, so we’re hoping to get the resellers excited and anyone that does come into store, they can impart that onto the customers as well.”