At sub-$100 price point.

Aspera Mobile has introduced the new 4G F40 Easy flip phone, designed for consumers who want a simple, fully functioned 4G phone, priced at just $99. It is available in a Titanium finish from Big W, Harvey Norman, BP, Retravision and MobileCiti.

In addition to 4G connectivity, key features include 2.8-inch display, Wi-Fi functionality, SOS button on the back casing for emergency and programmable speed dialling.

It also offers a higher resolution 5MP camera, increased 1600mAh battery and improved Bluetooth functionality for vehicle use compared to its predecessors, as well as introducing Wi-Fi hotspot for the first time on the Aspera Easy phones. This allows the phone to be used as a 4G modem for users to share the 4G data connection to a computer, tablet or other phone users.

Aspera Mobile managing director, Allan Robertson said the time was right to launch an affordable 4G flip phone with potential 3G network closures looming.

“Our customers wanted to retain the experience on our previous 3G F24 and F28 phones but wanted access to new features and capability that comes with Android and operating on 4G.”

Further, the Android operating system has been customised for the phone to be operated solely from the physical keypad rather than a hybrid keypad-touchscreen experience.

“Many Easy phone users do not want a smartphone with a touchscreen. The F40 is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a smartphone at all times but needs to make and receive calls and messages,” Robertson said.