By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: The Good Guys Castle Hill has teamed up with Sunbeam to promote the brand’s current Ford Fiesta giveaway.

Nash Patel is the proprietor of Good Guys Castle Hill, and he told that this promotion has so far been a success. He told us that his store had “capitalised on the Sunbeam’s promotion” and that the store had received a “great response from consumers”.

It’s been a great week for this particular Good Guys store, with Patel accepting the ERA Award for Best Retail Store (NSW) at the ceremony last Friday night. Patel reported that this was a “fantastic night”. Displaying his customary grace, Patel thanked his staff for making the store so successful.

“It has given a great boost to my team and having been given the award two years in a row makes it even more motivating, as my team spends a lot time delivering a great experience to our customers, with the store presentation and service,” he said.

Patel also credited his group, Ian Muir Electrical, and reported he was happy that the Good Guys won Retail Group of the Year as well.

As for the Sunbeam promotion, Sunbeam CEO David Jackson contacted to tell us the promotion was going well. He said the prizes, five cars and petrol vouchers, represent real incentives for potential consumers.