Meeco Sales relinquishes Contour distribution to Moto National Accessories

After four years being distributed by Meeco Sales, adventure camera supplier Contour will now be distributed solely throughout Australia by Moto National Accessories.

A statement from Australian company Moto National said it has been working with Meeco Sales for “some time to assist the handover”.

“Moto National has agreed to purchase Meeco’s Contour inventory, and to take over the current Contour Australian 1800 number, and Meeco has agreed to assist Moto National with all product, service and warranty training, to help make the transition as seamless as possible for all the Australian Contour dealers as well as consumers,” the statement said.

Moto National said it is “very happy to be involved with such a great brand as Contour” and said the August launch of the Roam 3 camera would “create even more excitement for Contour, Moto National and all the current and future Contour dealers and customers.”


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