Mr Rental searching for Australia’s (sort of) oldest (sort of) appliance (sort of)

UnderCurrent loves a touch of nostalgia so well-played (sort of) to Queensland-based claymation franchisor and appliance chain Mr Rental.

In order to drum up publicity for its rental services on products including cooking appliances, whitegoods, furniture and home entertainment, Mr Rental is offering a $1,000 travel voucher to the individual that can produce “Australia’s oldest appliance” and back it up with an amusing anecdote. The competition is being run through Mr Rental’s Facebook page and Liking this page is a condition of entry.

Mr Rental said the competition embraces the current trend towards retro-cool, retro-chic and new retro stylings.

“More and more people are developing a taste for products in the style of years past, but for many of us such products still play a prominent role in our households,” he said, though his human spokesperson Grant Peck. “We want to hear your stories about the appliances that have weathered the years, and like our leading brand products, have been a life necessity. Appliances that stand the test of time deserve to be rewarded.”

The competition starts on 1 July 2014 and runs through 25 July 2014. Mr Rental reports the prize will be awarded to “the best story and quirkiest find”. UnderCurrent is currently probing Mr Rental for more information on this competition, like whether the winner must actually produce the appliance to claim the prize and if there is an empirical aspect to the winning based on an appliance provable longevity.

“Yes, the winner may be required to provide proof of ownership/evidence that they own the appliance which they have entered,” replied Mr Rental’s PR operative, who pointed out that this competition is also open to New Zealand residents.

“Fundamentally, the competition is about sharing household anomalies that have a great story behind them. We are using the term appliance loosely. If the best and quirkiest story is about an antique fridge or toaster or a unique gramophone that still spins a tune or even an early model washing machine that can still keep whites white, then that’s the winner.

“It certainly isn’t about literally finding the oldest product. We understand there is a lot of humour and value packed into this competition for the whole family; it’s about the laughs and sharing them in 25 words or less.”

UnderCurrent thinks this all fair enough, though it does question Mr Rental decision to send out a media release with the headline “Mr Rental searches for Australia’s oldest appliance” when the Australian-iness, old-iness and appliance-iness of the winning product is, by Mr Rental’s own definition, loose.

Regardless, to get everyone in the mood UnderCurrent asked Mr Rental for some examples of applicable old appliances and he duly obliged:

Old 2 Old 3 Old 4 Old TV

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