Halo invades Cockatoo Island for Xbox 360 launch

Last night Microsoft held a special event out at Cockatoo Island to launch the newest instalment of one of the most successful game franchises in Xbox history, Halo ODST.

To celebrate the launch, one of the games developers, Curtis Creamer from Bungie Studios, gave a brief presentation to run through some of the new and exciting features of the game. In addition to this he also gave a walkthrough demonstration of some of the early levels of Halo ODST.

In addition to this guests were also given hands on playtime with the game but even more exciting was the fact that a real life replica of one of the vehicles from the series was on display for everyone to check out.

The Xbox Warthog was initially created by WETA Workshop of New Zealand for use in the Halo movie which was being developed. Sadly this movie had a lot of difficulties and was never produced.

The Warthog is actually just a Nissan Patrol underneath but is heavily modded with a tank like exterior, complete with gun emplacement on the back, digital dashboard, roll cage, hydraulics and a turbo charged engine.

This vehicle is truly remarkable and is a must see for any fan of the Halo series or just motor enthusiasts in general.

Members of the public will also be allowed to view the Xbox Warthog this weekend over at Cockatoo Island as well as play a few games of Halo 3.

Halo ODST will be available on 22 September 2009 and for those who are still yet to get an Xbox 360 console, Microsoft is currently promoting its new Halo bundle, which comes with an Xbox 360 Pro console and a copy of Halo 3 and Halo Wars for an RRP of $449.

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