The Spring Edition of the 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair brought together almost 2,800 exhibitors from 31 countries and regions around the world. Here are 10 products that stood out from the crowd…

The Bourgini Company
The Bourgini Company Princess Power Suitcase

From the Bourgini Company out of the Netherlands is the Princess Power Box Suitcase. With built-in 8000mAh capacity charger it can charge a phone five times.

Cookie Power Bank
Cookie Power Bank

Pictured beside real biscuits, these biscuit-shaped Power Banks from Kerchan are food for your smartphone.

R.E.A.C. Electronic Co Ltd
R.E.A.C. Electronic Co Ltd

The BLE Rope Jumping from R.E.A.C. Electronics uses Bluetooth to transmit information such as average speed, skipping duration and calories burnt to the MyWay Fit app.

Smart glasses and Smart Cap
Smart Glasses and Smart Cap

Spardar Smart Cap has a 3 megapixel camera that can record video in 1080p, bluetooth and Wi-Fi (which can be used to answer calls), it also counts steps and has emergency lighting. The Spardar Smart Glasses can take photos or video and has built-in earbuds to listen to music streamed via Bluetooth to the funky frames.

Activity tracker
iWalk Activity Tracker

Worn as a necklace, bracelet or clip, the iWalk Activity Tracker  records steps and sleeps and is water, shock and dust proof.

iphone case
iPitaka iPhone cases from Sway Tech

Forget plastic! These luxury iPhone cases from Sway Tech are exceptionally thin and lightweight because they are made from Aramid (the untrademarked name for Kevlar). Materials such as wood, bamboo and cork are reinforced with Aramid and moulded into one piece making them light, slim and strong.

 HP mini action cams
HP Mini Action Cams

The Mini Wi-Fi Cam Ic200m from HP is a matchbox-sized action camera that can be stuck anywhere thanks to the reusable HP sticky jelly.

SpongeBob Segway

These terrifying motorised unicycles were spotted a few times around the show floor.

NUU Bluetooth Speakers

NUU wireless Bluetooth floating speakers are IP 57 making them water and sand proof. On the left is the ultra compact NUU Riptide which comes with a built-in carabiner loop so it can be clipped to backpacks or kayaks. On the right is the NUU Splash Trail FM which has a protective rubber casing.


No fair would be complete without a dancing robot! This one is called Alpha and retails for around US$1,000.