By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Nintendo has launched its latest Wii game – Wii Fit – in a push to create a fitter, slimmer gamer.

The game allows users to perform more than 40 exercises across four categories – yoga, muscle workouts, aerobic activities and balance games. Many of the activities use the new Wii Balance Board to help gamers use their muscles.

The Balance Board apparently allows the Wii to calculate an accurate Body Mass Index (BMI) and determine a person’s centre of gravity. The combined results become what Nintendo calls a person’s “Wii Fit Age”.

Muscle workouts include torso twists, arm and leg lifts, rowing squats and games such as a push-up challenge.

Aerobic activities include ‘super hula hoop’, advanced step, rhythm boxing and a basic running exercise.

Yoga activities work on deep breathing, and include poses such as tree, sun salutation and half moon (no jokes intended).

Finally, customers can use the Balance Board for games such ski jump, soccer heading, tightrope walk and bubble balance.

The Balance Board can also be used to play the included snowboarding games in a much more realistic manner than previously possible.

Players can unlock additional exercises as they progress through the game.

During exercises, the Balance Board gauges exactly where a player’s balance and body mass are placed, allowing the on-screen instructor to coach you correctly.  Customers can also monitor their progress, as up to eight people can store and compare their Wii Fit data. Wii Fit also comes with the Wii Fit Channel, which gives players quick access to their daily progress.

Wii Fit retails for $149.95.