By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: has been among the very first in Australia to get a glimpse of the new Bosch integrated dishwasher, billed as one of the smallest in the world.

Launched this morning at DesignEx at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, the ActiveWater Smart dishwasher measures either 45- or 60-centimetres in height and has been designed as a modular appliance that can be fully integrated into the kitchen.

Bosch said that the size and design of the dishwasher mean it can be easily integrated into wall cabinets or plinthless islands without gaps under the dishwasher, leaving a perfectly even line with existing drawers.

The smaller size has also been designed to allow the dishwasher to be built into an area at the preferred level for personal comfort, helping to establish a more ergonomic operating height.

Given its size, the ActiveWater Smart dishwasher has a capacity of approximately six to eight place settings, which, according to Bosch, makes it well suited to smaller kitchens, single person households or even offices.

The ActiveWater technology featured in the dishwasher, including faster heating, targeted water circulation and improved pump performance, is designed to use less water while maintaining cleaning performance.

In addition, the 45-centimetre version uses little more than seven litres of water per cycle, plus 0.39 kilowatt-hour of electricity.

The ActiveWater Smart dishwasher will be available in Australia from in October 2010, with RRP to be announced before release.

The ActiveWater Smart dishwasher is designed to be integrated anywhere in the kitchen.