According to independent research group Gfk Australia, the Nintendo DSi has sold over 30,000 units in Australia, as at 12 April 2009.

The new addition to Nintendo’s gaming line-up was launched at a special late night opening in the EB Games Swanston Street Nintendo Experience Store in Melbourne, Victoria on 2 April 2009. This means that the DSi recorded the impressive sales figure, less than two weeks after going on sale.

Nintendo DSi’s predecessor, Nintendo DS Lite launched in Australia in 2006, and along with the original DS which launched in 2005, has gone on to sell through more than 1.9 million units in Australia and 100 million units globally. Since 2006, Nintendo DS Lite has been Australia’s number one selling console.

The new features that Nintendo are trying to push with the launch of the DSi include two cameras, 11 different lenses, Nintendo DSi Sound and SD memory card slot. As well as a slimmer unit, increased sound quality, bigger LCD screens and the Nintendo DSi Shop.

Nintendo has highlighted that users can access the DSi Shop through the new DSi Browser and will allow users to shop online to purchase numerous Nintendo products.

It has also been emphasised that first time visitors to the Nintendo DSi Shop will automatically receive 1,000 free Nintendo Points (for a limited time) to spend on their choice of Nintendo DSiWare.