In a press event in Sydney this morning, Sony Australia unveiled a plethora of new and exciting products which are planned for upcoming release. One of the key highlights was the demonstration of the first production model of the Bravia Z55 Series LCD TV.

Paul Colley, technology communications manager at Sony Australia, hosted the event and talked guests through the diverse range of products on display, but the main surprise of the morning was the uncovering of the Bravia Z55 Series LCD TV.

The Z55 is the first production model in the country of the new display and features the 2nd Generation of 200Hz technology.

“This new model is not just 200Hz, it’s the 2nd Generation of 200Hz, which further improves and sharpens all aspects of motion,” Colley said.

“Most 200Hz can’t handle vertical motion correctly; the new Bravia Z55 handles it perfectly.”

The Z5500 Series Bravia will be released in July in three screen sizes: 40”, 46” and 52” and will RRP at $3,499, $4,199 and $5,199 respectively.

In addition to this Sony were also keen to highlight its new imaging devices, in particular the new W Series Cyber-shot cameras and its new Full HD HandyCam.

Colley stated that the W Series range is now slimmer than ever and comes in a range of colours (black, green and silver) and is available in two models, 10.1 megapixels and 12.1 megapixels.

Colley was also very excited about the new HDR-TG5V Handycam camcorder.

“This is the world’s smallest Full HD camcorder, but despite its size it is very strong with a titanium body,” he said.

In addition to this it also features GPS tagging and is YouTube compatible, which Colley spoke highly of.

“YouTube has become a critical aspect in the camcorder industry and we have taken advantage of this.”

Other highlights included the new VAIO range encompassing all aspects of the market.

“There are three categories in our VAIO strategy: consumer, professional and desktop. We have a model which will cater for every type of user,” he said.

Some of the featured models included the Z Series, NW Series, P Series, AW Series and CS Series.

The new smaller addition to the Bravia range was also on show, the S Series, which comes in at 22”, and Colley mentioned that it was the perfect choice as a second TV in a bedroom etc.

Colley also displayed a range of new surround sound systems including the Super Muteki, for the audio enthusiast and three digital note takers.