L to R: Nick Kirby, Jo Devery, Rick Hart, Entertainer, Rod, Rob Sinclair.

Australia’s premium whitegoods retailers witnessed V-Zug Australia director Mark Tragear ring the bell to open the company’s first local showroom in Melbourne last Tuesday.

The Swiss appliance company was opening its architecturally-designed premium showroom, badged Zugorama, and played host to a large number of national Narta retailers. These included Winning Appliances executives from Queensland, New South Wales and Perth: David Crane, David Wollcott, Rick Hart, Nick Kirby, Darren Coleman and Jo Devery, as well as colleagues from E&S Trading in Melbourne and Spartan Electrical in South Australia.


L to R: Nick Kirby, Jo Devery, Rick Hart, Entertainer, Sam Zalin, and Rob Sinclair.

The open-plan lifestyle-focused showroom features a broad range of V-Zug cooking and major appliances, a large demonstration kitchen as well as a specific area highlighting the brand’s laundry range.

Attending the ‘Winter in July’ themed event, in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, was V-Zug chief executive officer, Dirk Hoffman, who has previously opened Zugoramas in Shanghai and Macau as well as throughout Europe.

“This is your home, so please make yourselves comfortable – everything we do here is for you,” Hoffman told guests.

“Imagine you use this home, imagine you bring your customers here, and have an intensive discussion about how to design a kitchen and what they really want to do in the kitchen. Imagine the kitchen is empty, and imagine the piano is there and we have a nice special evening. Imagine an exhibition would be here, Imagine a private cooking class, imagine a wine tasting is here. All of these things – cooking and tasting wine and socializing are celebrating a good home and your second home.

“We deliver Swiss perfection for your home and our showroom is all about the experience and using all five senses.”

The official opening of the showroom was marked by the ringing of a traditional Swiss bell brought by Hoffman for Tragear.

“I would like to officially empower the local director, Mark Tragear, to run this ship. With this symbol of appreciation, I empower you to ring the bell.” Hoffman said.