By Patrick Avenell

A survey conducted by an online retail consultancy site has revealed the difficulty of Fathers Day shopping for many Australians.

According to the comparison shopping site, which is in-part owned by News Limited, 78 per cent of Australians spend more money on Mothers Day presents than they do at Fathers Day. Additionally, according to this survey, 69 per cent of respondents found it difficult to find the right gift for dad.

Unfortunately for retailers in the consumer electronics space, which looks to encourage big ticket purchases for key sales events, the majority of Australians only spend between $50 and $150 each year at Fathers Day. More encouraging, however, is that 84 per cent of Australians will give their father a gift each September.

For, the results of this survey, which it commissioned, show that people should investigate online shopping research, from sites such as, before setting out to make purchases.

“Online shopping is advantageous because it enables shoppers to quickly view numerous products from a variety of product categories – many categories they wouldn’t ordinarily consider,” said GetPrice CEO Chris Hitchen.

“You simply can’t do a thorough search of a new ideas and untapped product categories in a shopping mall. You need a ‘helicopter view’ of what’s on offer that only online can provide.”