German audio brand Sennheiser is opening its own subsidiary to handle sales and marketing.

Sennheiser Australia media statement (edited for readability):

This move will enable Sennheiser to be closer to its customers in Australia and New Zealand and further strengthen its position in the APAC region.

“During the last three years, we have recorded high growth in the Asian Pacific region. This positive development shows that having our own local subsidiaries has been the right strategic decision.

“With a direct presence in Australia and New Zealand, we are well positioned for the future and can serve our customers with our expertise, the excellent service and quality that Sennheiser is known for,” said CEO Daniel Sennheiser.

“Today, Syntec International owner and MD Robert Sloss is handing over a very well-established and successful company

“Thanks to the successful network of distributors and its own sales presence in all the Australian states, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide the company is close to its customers in every corner of the continent.”

Bjørn Rennemo Henriksen is the designated managing director of the new Sennheiser subsidiary. He comes from Sennheiser’s Denmark-based subsidiary Sennheiser Nordic, where he was the sales and marketing director for all Nordic and Baltic countries.

He has been involved with Sennheiser in all business segments and in multiple markets over the last seven years, and brings a vast sales, marketing and product experience with him.


Good move by Sennheiser. No company is better at promoting a company’s values than the company itself, and Sennheiser is a brand that constantly needs to reinforce its messaging in order to attract consumers to its premium offering.

In a heavily crowded market – that is only getting more intense with every new entry – Sennheiser will stand out by being in control of its destiny, as most audio brands are being distributed by only a handful of agencies.