Cimbre Australia late last year welcomed a new addition to their team, Joe Proietto, who as of 1 December 2008 has taken over the role as NSW sales manager.

Proietto, formerly sales executive producer at DORO, expressed a lot of enthusiasm towards his new appointment when he spoke with yesterday.

Proietto specified that the main reason for his move to Cimbre Australia late last year, was mainly due to the fact that their products are manufactured and produced right here in Australia.

It is becoming the norm for a lot companies now to import all their goods from overseas and Proietto emphasised that companies like Cimbre are “very scarce these days.”

Proietto also showed a lot of excitement when asked about the AMICA range of cookware.

“AMICA is something totally different, it’s definitely not run-of-the-mill” claims Proietto.

He commented that their focus on minimizing the environmental footprint of its products by incorporating environmentally responsible technology is another one of Cimbre’s strong points.

Not too mention the high level safety specifications, which he states the company holds in high regard.

Proietto states it does all this but still maintains a “lesser price”. Something which is very important in this changing economic marketplace.