Denon S32


Denon continue to maintain the mantle in the development of networking A/V components with the announcement of their latest S-32 wireless network music system. The S-32 tabletop music system can stream music either via Ethernet or wirelessly from Internet radio sources and other Network attached storage devices, including PC or Mac computers on the network. The S-32 will decode MP3, WMA, AAC, and WAV formats as well as FLAC encoded files and will even support the rhapsody music service.

The in-built speakers with supporting amplification offers sound quality comparable to Denon’s separate component systems. Similarly, the S-32 features Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Spatial EQ and Bass XT that offer a range of sound enhancing technologies that tailor the sound to fit your own room acoustics or individual listening requirements. It also offers a mono output for the use with a separate subwoofer if ever required.

It features in-built Clock with dual alarms with Auto Clock Set that can be adjusted via the internet. It offers FM/AM radio together with a built-in dock for easy iPod drop in functionality. The high contrast graphic LCD shows clearly all the operating modes of the S-32. 

The S-32 comes complete with user friendly 20 button infra-remote controller that addresses all its functions. Connectivity features include 1 x iPod terminal, 1 x aux in, 1 x headphone, and 1 x Ethernet.

With a nationwide warranty of two-years and an RRP of $999, the S-32 is available from selected Denon retailers. For further information on this and other Denon products contact 1300 134 400 or visit