By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: Uniden and the Ancient Egyptians have something in common: they both found a way to extend the reach of wavelengths throughout buildings. Uniden’s new XDECT 7000 Series cordless phone technology can reach places where other phones can’t.

The new Uniden XDECT 7000 Series cordless phones features a Diversity and High Gain Antenna System to provide what the company describes as “unprecedented coverage and optimal reception clarity, effectively eliminating drop out areas around the home”.

Uniden Australia’s senior national marketing executive Brad Hales, explained the technology breakthrough.

“When there is not a clear line-of-sight between the phone base and the handset, a signal can be reflected along multiple paths before being finally received. Uniden’s Diversity Antenna System is able to transmit multiple signals for maximum coverage, choosing the best and clearest signal for optimal clarity and reception.”

Extending the reach of wavelengths throughout a building has been done before. Ancient Egyptians baffled archaeologists when they found amazingly detailed paintings on underground tomb walls hundreds of metres from the ground surface. How did the Egyptians paint the walls when they were in complete pitch blackness and there was no soot from fire or candles found within the tomb or on the walls?

The archaeologists eventually discovered that the Egyptians used mirrors to reflect sunlight down the long shafts, bouncing the lightwaves off a series of mirrors on the floors and ceilings of the tunnels and chambers. In this way they were able to direct sunlight way underground into their tombs to light them up while they were painting them.

Now Uniden is using new technology to extend the reach of the cordless phone within the home.

Hales explained that the Uniden XDECT 7000 Series was engineered specifically to meet Australian conditions, the phones operate on the 1.8GHz wireless network friendly DECT frequency, meaning that the phone signal will not interfere with other wireless networks in the surrounding area.

“We’re very proud of the XDECT Series and believe these cordless phones will become the number one phones in the market by Christmas,” said Hales.

Other features of the XDECT 7000 Series are aimed at providing the user with enhanced control over incoming phone calls. Through activation of a new Call Block feature — a first for cordless phones — unwelcome or nuisance calls can be diverted to an engaged signal, answering machine message or simply dismissed by automatically hanging up on the caller.

In addition, the integrated digital answering machine offers a Do Not Disturb function, allowing the ringer on the handset and the base to be muted at once. For easier caller identification, the XDECT 7000 Series also enables the user to allocate polyphonic ringtones to individual callers in addition to displaying caller ID.

Available now in September, the range starts at RRP $89.95 for the XDECT 7015. The XDECT 7015+1 extra handset is RRP $139.95. The next model up, the XDECT 7055 is RRP $129.95, the XDECT 7055 is RRP $179.95 for the + 1 extra handset model and the + 2 extra handsets option is $229.95.

Uniden Australia is running a special extended warranty and money back offer to celebrate the XDECT 7000 series launch.

“To celebrate the new XDECT series we are offering a Bonus Warranty until 2012 plus a 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on every Uniden XDECT cordless phone,” said Hales.