By James Wells

BRISBANE: Former chairman of Betta Stores Limited (BSL), Patrick Tynan, has been appointed as a consultant to assist the newly formed BSR – which owns the franchise rights to the Betta Electrical and Chandlers brands.

Tynan will work between two or three days a week to assist the new business with transferring former Betta Electrical and Chandlers stores over to the new organisation,  assisting new franchisors as well as even retailers from other groups to join BSR.

According to a statement issued by the directors and management of BSR, Tynan’s appointment represents a need for additional support services over and above the 35 staff employed by the new organisation.

“Already during the early days of BSR Ltd, the directors and management of BSR recognise the need for strong,
additional support services for the BSR franchisee network,” the statement said.

“Consequently, the directors and management are delighted to announce that Patrick

Tynan will take on a consultative role to assist BSR in this area of franchise support. This consultative role will also assist in limiting expenses which would have been incurred in the set-up of state office infrastructures.

According to the statement Tynan possesses the retail experience and logistics experience required to set-up member and franchisee committees.

“Patrick’s primary role will ensure the franchisees have a direct line of communication to the management team, to recruit new members to BSR Ltd and to implement the BSR committee structure, which was the cornerstone of the new company’s offer,” the statement said.

According to Everard Johnson, the retailer who led the 95-member consortium to purchase the franchise assets from the receiver appointed to BSL – PricewaterhouseCoopers, Tynan is the right person for the job.

“Patrick’s experience with suppliers and national buying and retailer committees previously will be invaluable in putting these BSR structures into place,” Johnson said.

“The support he will provide management in this area, will go a long way to ensure we deliver on our promise to make BSR a member driven company.”

Newly-appointed BSR general manager, Ian Brown, expects Tynan to work “between two and three days a week assisting management with the committee structures and will meet with a number of current and new franchisees as he travels to the various state venues over the next couple of months.”