By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: LG Electronics last night launched its first range consumer 3D TVs for the Australian market at a product roadshow in Sydney. Despite the Korean powerhouse being the last to launch its range, LG will be the second to market, with products hitting shelves next week.

Normally one of the most prominent marketers in the industry, the lack of information from LG as to its 3D range is in stark contrast to its hurried release date. Products will be available before Channel 9’s historic State of Origin 3D telecast on 26 May 2010, with consumers benefiting from increased competition and retailers benefiting from increased economies of scale in above the line promotion.

As for the products, LG will be supplying 3D TVs in both plasma and LED panels, with LCD missing out. The hero 3D products is the 55-inch LX9500, which has what LG calls “Full LED”, which LG said provides a brighter viewing experience by having more LED lights behind the screen. This TV is Full HD, TruMotion 400Hz, and includes LG’s new NetCast Web TV functionality, which includes BigPond Movies. This TV is RRP $5,199.

A TV with the same specifications, but at 47 inches, is also available (47LX9500). This TV is RRP $4,099.

At least one pair of 3D glasses will be included at purchase. Additional pairs can be bought for RRP $99. LG declined to comment when asked if the TVs would come bundled with a 3D Blu-ray player.

Also available in LG’s 3D range are three more Full LED models, though these panels are only TruMotion 200Hz. Sizes available in this range (LX6500) are 55-inch, 47-inch and 42-inch.

For plasma fans, LG is offering two models in its PX950 series, in 60-inch and 50-inch sizes. Both models are Full HD, feature LG’s borderless design and include access to NetCast Web TV.

To play 3D movies, LG has released the BX580 3D Blu-ray player. This unit can play 3D movies, be connected to external hard disk drives, and access NetCast Web TV. This last feature seems a bit superfluous, since all of LG’s 3D TVs already feature access to this service.

The new LX9500 from LG has "Full LED". It will be in stores next week.