Zip Water has redesigned its HydroTap Classic Plus set offering new and improved features with the same convenience of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water at the touch of a button.

The latest design features include a more intuitive sparkling water activation, new continuous flow feature to fill bottles and improved font design to prevent overflow. The addition of SteriTouch on the new antimicrobial touchpad provides an added layer of safety and protection against bacteria. The new look tap is available in seven finishes including brushed chrome, matte black and brushed rose gold for an ultra-modern look.

Powered by the new G5 command centre – the next generation of smart technology developed by Zip Water – the new HydroTap Classic Plus features a redesigned Graphical User Interface (GUI) with more instantly recognisable iconography to customise settings including on-off timers and sleep mode.

The G5 command centre also features SteriTouch on key water surfaces within the under-bench system to prevent the growth of bacteria and new Co2 level indicator that shows when gas is running low.

The new command centre will power all products across the entire HydroTap range, including the HydroTap Touch-Free Wave, for tap purchases made from 1 March, 2021.

Zip Water marketing and strategy director, Mike Abbott said the company aimed to create an effortless end-user experience throughout the entire design process for the new HydroTap Classic Plus.

“The HydroTap Classic Plus is the highest-selling product in our portfolio so we wanted to create a more beautiful and more intuitive product. It’s not just the design and functionality that we’re proud to unveil, we’re also excited to show off the smarts behind the product in the new command centre, powered by G5 technology,” he said.

“The new HydroTap Classic Plus is just the first product in a strong pipeline of innovation that Zip Water will launch throughout 2021. We expect that consumer confidence will bounce back after a tough year last year, and we are ready to capitalise.”

The new HydroTap Classic Plus was designed and manufactured out of Zip Water’s factory located in Condell Park, Western Sydney. The launch follows the successful launch of the HydroTap Touch-Free Wave last year, which received over 1,200 orders globally in its first month.

The new HydroTap Classic Plus, powered by G5 technology, is available for order in Australia now will be made available in other markets including the United States, China, United Kingdom and New Zealand, throughout 2021.