More than 1,200 companies have registered interest in Zip Water’s HydroTap Touch Free Wave since launch in October. Hundreds of orders have been secured and are set for installation this month.

This includes some of the largest corporate offices, hotels, hospitals and aged care facilities across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Zip Water invented the HydroTap Touch Free Wave to meet shifting global customer demand impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The product is a contactless version of the signature HydroTap, using in-house proprietary sensor technology to dispense boiling, chilled and sparkling water from one system touch-free.

Zip Water marketing and strategy director, Mike Abbott said that interest following the launch of the HydroTap Touch-Free Wave exceeded expectations.

“Back in April, we started to receive enquiries from some existing domestic customers asking whether we offered a contactless version of our HydroTap. When we received requests from our two key domestic specifiers in New South Wales and Queensland, who said many Australian workplaces were approaching them for contactless solutions, we knew we had to get something to market quickly,” he said.

“In response we conceived, designed and developed the HydroTap Touch-Free Wave. Since we launched in October, we have had more than 1,200 prospective customers in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom register interest, and of those interested, we’ve already secured hundreds of orders.

“The orders we’ve received in the first few weeks alone is unprecedented, and many companies want to install the product before the end of the year to prepare for a safe return to the workplace in 2021. This has left us with a huge waitlist of orders to fulfil ahead of first installation in December.”

The HydroTap Touch-Free Wave will be rolled out to other international markets throughout 2021.

Zip Water is manufacturing the HydroTap Touch-Free Wave out of its Condell Park factory in western Sydney.