Zip Water is undertaking a trial to shift its motor vehicle fleets in Australia from diesel to electric, in line with the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, reducing its carbon footprint and embracing innovative technologies. 

In the United Kingdom, Zip has successfully converted more than half (52%) of its fleet to electric vehicles, setting a target to achieve 100% conversion by 2027. However, Australia and New Zealand present unique challenges with limited availability of electric and hybrid vehicles meeting the company’s servicing requirements, along with a shortage of necessary charging infrastructure. 

“We have been closely monitoring the rise of electric vehicles abroad, and now manufacturers are beginning to introduce electric vans in Australia. The challenge lies in the ongoing development of infrastructure for these vehicles,” Zip Water managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Mike Abbott said.

Recognising the potential for growth and improvement, Zip is launching a trial in Australia, starting with the purchase and registration of an electric van for the Canberra region. The first 12 months will see the van used by Zip Water technicians to familiarise them with electric vehicles, and collect feedback and data, from driving through to charging and servicing.

Throughout 2024, the electric van will also be based in New South Wales, offering an opportunity for local teams to engage in the EV experience. The initial trial will then extend to Brisbane, Canberra, and Melbourne, providing teams in these locations with firsthand exposure.

“Sustainability is unquestionably a key goal for our business, one we are actively pursuing. However, until now, we lacked the necessary tools to implement the vehicles to enable our team to perform their tasks safely. We are leaders in our market for this change and are working across sectors to build a sustainable fleet,” Abbott said.