By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Philips has launched the world’s first iron to use ionised steam technology to reach deeper into fabrics, producing finer steam and proving that it is possible to improve the quality of steam from steam irons.

The new Philips GC4430 steam iron with Ionic DeepSteam (RRP $159.95) splits steam particles by briefly charging them with positive and negative ions, producing a dense steam cloud that Philips claims is up to 50 per cent finer than normal steam.

“The new Philips GC4430 steam iron with Ionic DeepSteam is revolutionising steam ironing,” said Philips senior product manager – garment care, Ranjit Sohoni.

“Using ionised steam means with each stroke of the iron, the steam reaches deeper into the fabric than with traditional steam irons, making ironing a more rewarding experience. Perfect for denim, cotton and linen lovers, Ionic DeepSteam gives great results on the toughest fabrics easily,” Sohoni said.

The GC4430 iron will also feature the ‘easy-reach Steam Tip’, which is specifically designed to reach into the smallest and most difficult areas of a garment and deliver a 100 g steam blast.

Phillips has priced the GC4430 at $20 dearer than its direct competitor, the Sunbeam Accura Digital Resilium SR6900, which has an RRP of $139.00.