By Claire Reilly

Following a series of zoneless induction cooktop launches from Gaggenau, Neff and De Dietrich last year, Bosch has joined the party with the announcement of two new additions to its range of FlexInduction cooktops.

Joining the four existing models in the Bosch FlexInduction range (not to be confused with Neff’s zoneless induction cooktop, which shares the same name), the 60-centimetre (PIN675N14E, RRP $2,599) and 80-centimetre (PIN875N14E, RRP $2,999) FlexInduction cooktops will be available from March 2012.

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“FlexInduction from Bosch signifies a new era in hi-tech appliances – one that has escaped the confines of traditional hobs,” said a Bosch spokesperson. “FlexInduction makes the already flexible and efficient induction technology even more adaptable – and hence makes cooking more enjoyable, safer and efficient.

“The name ‘FlexInduction’ refers to the versatile 40x20cm and 30x20cm heating zones comprising four separate flex zones, which can then be grouped into two separate zones that can occupy different temperature levels. The four flex zones can also be grouped as one, which is ideal for chefs requiring extra cooktop space.”

The induction heat is generated by four oval electromagnetic coils beneath the FlexInduction surface, with individual coils being activated independently or together, depending on the size, shape and location of the pot on the cooktop. These coils allow for “a uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface” which also ensuring cookware is “detected precisely”. 

The Bosch 60-centimetre FlexInduction cooktop.