By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: A new device called LinkStation Live gives iPhone users an unfair advantage — they can stream music from their home computer anywhere in the world via a web browser. It also gives WOW Sight & Sound and Harris Technology an advantage — they’re first to stock it.

LinkStation Live comes from Buffalo Technology, which is distributed by Uniden in an exclusive strategic alliance — the two companies design, develop and manufacture wired and wireless networking, storage and memory solutions.

Buffalo Technology’s LinkStation Live has been given the new Web Access feature, which gives Apple iPhone users the capability to stream their digital content to their iPhones.

“With digital media becoming such an integral part of our daily lives, consumers are looking for a simple and convenient way to enjoy recently purchased music, movies or TV programming anytime, anywhere” said Uniden Australia senior national marketing executive, Brad Hales.

“Buffalo’s new Web Access capability allows users to enjoy their digital life wherever they are, rather than tuck it away on a computer, NAS or USB hard drive.”

LinkStation Live is equipped with 1TB of network storage, and also has a built in Bit Torrent Client, allowing users to download files without requiring the PC to be powered on. Stored Data can be shared on network and the built-in DLNA media server can stream it to a PC, a MAC or other DLNA certified entertainment devices.

LinkStation Live also includes a Remote Power Feature, which can power up the unit remotely with the included Navigator software. An extra USB port allows users to add an additional external hard drive for expanded capacity or a printer that can then be shared via the integrated print server. It also supports UPS, so the unit can shut down in the event of a power failure.

Wow Sight & Sound and Harris Technology are the first retailers to stock LinkStation Live with Web Access (RRP: $399, model number: LS-CH10TL).