By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Ask dads about their Father’s Day celebrations through the years and they’ll regale you with memories of spring mornings eat breakfast in bed and afternoons spent watching semifinal football. Often the memory of a good day is more important than the day itself. To harness this, Lexar is promoting memory has an actually gift idea this year, with a focus on its range of HD video cards.

Talking about this is Lexar national sales manager Richard Clarke.

“Wherever there’s a holiday trip, a growing child doing something cute, or a grown child graduating, then there’s usually a father with a video camera close by,” said Clarke.

“Fathers seem to be the de facto documentary film makers for their families, so it makes sense to give them an HD video memory card for Father’s Day.

“A gift like the Lexar SDHC Full-HD Video memory card will enable dad to take advantage of the full video capabilities of his SDHC-compatible digital camcorder.

“He’ll be able to capture and store more of those precious family memories – all on a single card, and in stunning high-definition at 1080 resolution.

“These Lexar Full-HD Video memory cards are available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities, so it is easy to choose the card that best suits your dad’s needs.”

RRPs for the Lexar range are below.

Lexar SDHC Full-HD 4GB $24.85
Lexar SDHC Full-HD 8GB $40.80
Lexar SDHC Full-HD 16GB $73.50
Lexar MSPD Full-HD 4GB $30.50
Lexar MSPD Full-HD 8GB $50.25