BlackBerry has made a couple of fumbles in recent months. The brand’s ill-fated “Wake Up” campaign started with unmarked (and oh-so-creepy) letters being sent to Australian technology journalists before spreading out into a vague collection of mixed metaphors in newspapers and clichés on bus stop signage.

So when the Canadian manufacturer released a tongue-in-cheek video about the upcoming launch of BlackBerry 10, UnderCurrent was so very hopeful. But its IntraCaps friends from the Northern Hemisphere got it so very, awkwardly wrong.

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What follows is a tribute to those bastions of acronym rock, REO Speedwagon, with apologetic references to the delayed launch of the BlackBerry 10 operating system, a few nerdy buzzwords and a promise to keep “loving” the developer community that makes apps for its devices.

UnderCurrent thinks BlackBerry should have avoided awkwardly apologising for its failings with a slow power ballad sung by in-house nerds.

What this company needs is some unrepentant power rock (in the vein of hair metal greats like Poison or Mötley Crüe) with a promise to rock out with its next release, and if you devs can’t handle the guitar-shredding fury, it’s time to go home! ROCK!