By James Wells

SYDNEY: Woodward’s Retravision at Balgowlah is closing its doors after 72 years, adding further woes to the Retravision NSW business.

Woodward’s proprietor, Gary Leask, told that has decided to close the shop and retire from the industry.

“We would like to say farewell and wish good trading to the industry that has been so much a part of our lives for the past 30 years,” Leask said.

The Woodward’s business commenced trading in 1934 on Whistler Street in Manly and remained at this location until 1986 before moving to much larger premises in Balgowlah.

During its history, the business has had only two proprietors – the Woodward family and the Leasks.

In 1976, Gary Leask joined his father in the family business which ran the Rose and McLeod Retravision store at Crows Nest and together they purchased the Woodward’s store in Balgowlah. Shortly afterwards, Rose and McLeod Retravision, which opened in 1956, was rebranded Woodwards. The Crows Nest store was closed two years ago after the Leasks were asked to pay twice their rent by the landlord.

Leask, who will be turning 60 in September, decided to retire after talking with his wife Mary.

“We started our closing down sale a week and a half ago,” Gary Leask told

“We tried to put it on the market last year, but we didn’t get any nibbles. We don’t have a closing date at the moment, so we will continue to trade and reduce our holding of stock before we close the doors.”