By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Chinese whitegoods manufacturer Hisense has become unwittingly involved in the black-market exchange of contraband stun guns. New South Wales Police last night arrested two men for possession of the illegal weapons, which were disguised as mobile phones carrying Hisense’s subsidiary Kelon brand.

According to the Police, officers in Cambridge Park, in Sydney’s west, observed two men acting suspiciously outside a fast food restaurant. The cops then followed the two subjects in their car for a distance, before stopping and searching the vehicle.

Inside, they uncovered 10 stun guns, illegal in New South Wales without proper permits, disguised as Kelon-branded mobile phones. Kelon is one of Hisense’s brand names, most prominently used in China.

“Officers opened the boxes and allegedly found 10 stun guns, disguised as mobile phones. The prohibited weapons were seized for further examination,” said a Police spokesperson.
“Detectives arrested a 20-year-old man from Marayong and a 22-year-old man from Pendle Hill at the scene.
“They were taken to the St Marys Police Station and each charged with 10 counts of possess/use a prohibited weapon without a permit.” has been unable to find any evidence that suggest either Hisense or its Kelon brand manufacture or market this product. has contacted Hisense for comment.

NSW Police discovered stun guns amazingly disguised as mobile phones.

In this image, the Kelon branding is clearly visible.