By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: SalesReps Australia has declared its intentions to push further into the electrical appliance industry, offering outsourced sales representation which the company claims will increase business efficiency and grow customer bases.

“Other industries are outsourcing their reps to form a more efficient and cost effective sales team – the electrical appliance industry, as a heavy user of reps, could benefit from this move too,” said SalesReps Australia CEO, Dean Smallman.

Several years ago, Smallman identified that a significant opportunity existed to improve the in-field relationship between the customer and the client, and saw outsourced, dedicated sales representatives as the logical solution.

“I realised there was huge potential in an outsourced, dedicated sales team,” he said.

SalesReps currently employs in excess of 320 people across Australia and New Zealand and represents 32 clients.

“The key to the success of SalesReps Australia was tapping in to the previously undervalued resource of tertiary qualified women who have had an established career prior to having a child. 

“Many women want to re-enter the workforce after their children are old enough to go to childcare or school, but don’t want to go back to the lifestyle of working from 8am till 6pm and never seeing their families. 

“Most of these women were in management positions during their careers and are now totally dedicated to representing one company,” said Smallman.

Smallman claims that through outsourcing of a sales force a company is able to reduce the cost of a sale by almost 50 per cent and, as a result, service twice as many customers.

“We now have a total sales turnover in excess of $400 million and have sales reps covering industry segments as diverse as industrial products, medical, hospitality, hardware, real estate, telecommunications and financial planning.”

Under the SalesReps business models, sales representatives work for one client only, helping to give focus and attention to the business.

“[Our reps] attend sales meetings, they carry only that company’s business card and they even get invited to the company Christmas party. They are part of the team. I can’t understand why more companies haven’t adopted such a model,” Smallman said.