There’s no doubt that Retravision has seen a lot of changes in the last 12 months. Imagine UnderCurrent’s surprise then, when it stumbled across this very prophetic pamphlet from the retailer’s 38th National Seminar held in Canberra more than 13 years ago, titled “The Changing Face of Retravision”

In his message to members, managing director Bob Scullin noted “how important it is for Retravision to continue ‘Changing Faces’ in order to keep up with market developments”.

Highlights of the pre-millennial program included a Bandstand Night with special guests Col Joye and Little Pattie (“A night to remember! Please dress appropriately.); a state versus state indoor sports completion (“which will be preceded by the infamous Retravision ‘Marchpast’”); and the seemingly conflicting keynote speeches “Retravision Getting Ready for the Future – A Five Year Proposal” and “Get Ready for the Future – It Arrived Yesterday”.

Interestingly, the special guest speech from baker Tom O’Toole titled “It’s Not Just the Dough – It’s All in the Mix” was followed just three years later at the Cairns conference with a similar speech from executive chairman of Bakers Delight titled “There’s Plenty of Dough in Bread”.

Clearly, Retravision was onto the lucrative world of interdisciplinary pun-based retail keynotes from an early stage.