By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: Independent online retailer and noted rabblerouser, Ruslan Kogan, wasted little time sticking the boot into Clive Peeters after the retailer went into administration yesterday.

Kogan issued a release, sent in the immediate hours after Clive Peeters’ announcement, saying this was another sign of the changing face of Australian retail.

Kogan said this administration process, which he called “death”, shows that online retailing trumping traditional shop fronts. He also singled out Harvey Norman, which he said is being dragged down by middlemen.

“The announcement that Clive Peeters has entered a trading halt and is going into administration goes to show that online shopping has trumped traditional bricks-and-mortar storefronts,” said Kogan.

“These conventional retailers, without a clear competitive advantage, have nothing to offer Australian consumers looking for a good deal on appliances, electronics, and even furniture.

“There are other similar businesses out there, like Harvey Norman, and they’re clearly not sustainable business models in the age of the Internet.

“Australian consumers are smart and armed with the right online tools. They are looking to cut the fat off prices for absolutely everything from fast moving consumer goods up to luxury purchases.

“The media have reported on a general slowdown in consumer spending, and this is simply not the case for online businesses. Traditional retailers stuck in the Stone Age might be hurting, but online businesses around the country are thriving.

“We cut out all the middlemen who have dragged down retailers like Clive Peeters and Harvey Norman and are able to offer the best value consumer electronics to all Australians. We’ve had exponential growth with no sign of slowing down.”