By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Bosch Home Appliances’ EcoLogixx condenser dryer last week took out the award for Australia’s best new product at Sydney’s DesignEx.

The awards were judged on a number of criteria, including innovative features, manufacturing innovations, ergonomic design, functionality, aesthetics, durability, versatility, safety and environmental sensitivity.

Bosh said its EcoLogixx dryer is recognised as the most economical and energy efficient clothes dryer in its class and features a 6+ star energy rating.

“At Bosch, there has always been such a strong emphasis on delivering resource-efficient, technologically advanced products and the EcoLogixx condenser dryer is certainly a testament to these principles,” said marketing communications executive for Bosch Home Appliances, Aleks Efeian.

The condenser dryer features ActiveAir technology, which is designed to operate without conventional reheating so that existing heat is efficiently reused, providing an improved drying performance with less impact on the environment.

Minimising environmental impact is also behind the EcoLogixx featuring what Bosch has called the world’s first heat-pump dryer with a maintenance-free condenser, which works to automatically clean the condenser in order to improve drying function and consume less energy.

Timesaving is also part of the condenser dryer’s design, with the SuperQuick 40 program taking 40 minutes to dry a two kilogram load.