By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Nintendo’s new next generation gaming console, the Wii, has officially broken the record for most sales on launch, with GfK reporting 32,901 console sales in the first four days of sale, eclipsing the recently-set record held by Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

According to GfK, the Microsoft Xbox 360 sold 30,421 units at launch.

“The initial feedback has been very solid, we’ve been very happy with the sell-through and retail seems to be very happy with the sell-through. A lot of the stores are actually reporting sold out,” Nintendo Australia managing director, Greg Arthurton, told

“It’s great to get great sales on week one, obviously, but to actually receive the positive feedback we have and find that people are really enjoying the machine is the most important thing.

“True customer satisfaction is a lot more long-term than impressive first-week sales. It’s also important that both gamers and non-gamers alike are getting into the Wii, and that’s’ what’s been happening.”

Wii console sales accounted for 43 per cent of all video game hardware sold last week, with Nintendo dominating sales all round; with its hand held gaming device, the Nintendo DS, representing 24 per cent of the total market sales.

“Our main priority now is to deliver as many units as possible into retail channels, as quickly as possible, to try and meet this exceptional demand,” said Nintendo Australia director – sales and marketing, Rose Lappin.

It is hoped that with two next generation consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (RRP $649) and Nintendo’s Wii (RRP $399.95), as well as Sony’s PlayStation 2 previous generation console (RRP $199) all reporting impressive sales, that a surge in Christmas sales could result, with games and accessories providing retailers repeat business and impressive up-sell options.

Interestingly, the game attachment rate for the Wii during its first four days of sales sits at around 1.5 games per console sold, not including the included Wii Sports disc which features five sporting titles in one.

The Xbox 360 recorded an early attachment rate of 2.6 games per console.

Nintendo now aim to deliver four million Wii units globally by the end of 2006 and six million units by the end of this fiscal year in March 2007.