By James Wells

ALICE SPRINGS: A commitment to customer service, a home delivery offer as well as the ability for suppliers to instantly invoice a display model for out of stock items have been some of the key platforms within the successful Large Format Stores (LFS) pilot program.

“Our consumer service promise is a 100 per cent guarantee. Every product that is advertised is on display and is ready for the consumer when they come into the store. It is very powerful and very important that we deliver the products in store that we promote,” Larkin told delegates yesterday.

“If a supplier finds that a product is not in store, the supplier has the right to invoice a display model to the store, without consultation. Every product must be on display in the store. The supplier in our environment, has the authority to check with the proprietor whether that item is in stock and can then instantly invoice the store – it is another one of the disciplines that we have introduced.”

In addition to offering a lowest price guarantee, one of the other methods of growth was the use of a Bronze, Silver and Gold delivery service.

“The delivery service adds further profit to the sale that is made in the store. It is a very easy way of attaching additional profit. For very $1 million is sales, this service is generating an additional $1500 of profit.”

Larkin said the Bronze and the Gold packages were the most popular of the three on offer.