Topfield has today announced the launch of a 1TB-capacity Digital Video Recorder, the largest capacity DVR from the company thus far.

According to Joseph Tsen, Topfield’s national sales and marketing manager, the unit is perfect for families who are trying to maximise the amount of primetime content they are able to watch.

“We know that with growing freeview content many Australian households are struggling to stay on top of the many primetime shows on offer,” said Tsen.

“Thanks to the TRF-7170’s huge storage capacity combined with its ability to record up to four programs at once, weekday nights in Australian households need no longer result in quarrels over whether to watch Masterchef or Man Vs Wild whilst recording hours of Tour de France highlights.”

Like other Topfield DVRs before it, the TRF-7170 is still able to record 4 programs at once thanks to its Quad Recording technology, but it offers 4 times the capacity of its predecessor (the TRF-7160).

The TRF-7170 also features an external Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (eSata) and USB support which allow users to connect the DVR to other storage devices and take advantage of faster data transfer speeds.

Although with a 1TB capacity, many users will not need an external storage device.

“To give you some perspective of the TRF-7170’s storage capacity, if the Tour De France was shown continuously 24/7 for three weeks, then you could record and watch both the entire 2011 and 2012 events at your leisure without coming up for air. If you purchase the optional extra 1TB hard drive you could also record the 2013 and 2014 events.”

The TRF-7170 has server functionality so DVR content files can be managed on a PC and a time-shift function that allows users to pause live TV for up to 5 hours.

Thanks to the inclusion of a Divx HD certified media player, MP3 player and PhotoViewer, the DVR also offers consumers a device with “true multi-media proportions”.

 The TRF-7170 is available for RRP $649.