By Chris Nicholls

STOCKHOLM: Electrolux AB in Sweden has announced the recent recall and inspection of faulty Italian-made dishwashers – which led to an unprecedented third recall locally – will cost them 12 million euro.

The loss, apparently confirmed by a company spokesperson and quoted by the Direkt news agency, will hit the company’s first quarter financial results, the spokesperson said. 

Electrolux Australia recently held a special press conference at their Sydney headquarters about the recall, with New South Wales Fair Trading Minister, Linda Burney, attending to help press home the recall message, thanks to a low return rate and failures of already repaired machines.

Speaking to, Electrolux Home Products regulatory affairs manager, Ian Forte, said while he could not comment on the European announcement, the local recall was now going well.

“I cannot comment on what’s happening in Europe or financial statements from Stockholm generally. However, Electrolux Australia is encouraged by the initial response to the third recall for the affected dishwashers. The company has sought the assistance of the Office of Fair Trading to reach as many people as possible and our retail customers have co-operated in assisting us trace 10,000 customers whom we know have purchased one of the affected dishwashers. Electrolux has written to these customers individually to alert them to the issue and asking them to contact Electrolux to arrange a service call.”