The September issue of Appliance Retailer magazine, the journal of record for the retail consumer electronics and appliance industries, in now available – and it's a beauty.

For the first time since the collapse of Retravision Southern, the magazine looks at exactly what happened to the 100-plus stores left stranded. Some went to the national Retravision group, others were cherrypicked by rival groups – AR magazine has all the information.

In a special news feature, leading manufacturers debate whether there should be greater environmental controls placed on cooking appliances, similar to the ones on seasonal products and TVs. This is one conversation that is certain to stir up passionate intensity.

Selling premium appliances to cashed-up renovators is a great way to build profitabilty in a retail store. AR looks at how leading interior designers choose which appliances to recommend, offering tips on how traditional retailers can emulate their success.

When Electrolux Floor Care's global CEO visited last month, he met exclusively with the AR team to discuss the company's rapid expansion. Pick up a copy of the magazine to see the new products that will be available soon.

There's also tips on how to keep sales staff from zoning out on slow days, information on how to maximise sales at Christmastime, a look at 135 years of Neff appliances and an interview with Samsung concerning its unique retail strategy for its new $9,500 TV.

This all leads into a massive 30-page Christmas Feature – you need not look anywhere else to find out what will be hot this Yuletide! Also covered in depth are the barbecue, air conditioning and portable cooling categories.

All in all, the September issue of Appliance Retailer is not just the biggest of the year, it's also the best (until October comes out!).

If you’re not reading Appliance Retailer magazine, you are not an informed member of this industry. Get in touch to find out more or check out the subscriptions page.

Appliance Retailer and are both published by The Intermedia Group.