By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: Uniden has literally widened its range of TRAX GPS navigation units with two new products: the TRAX 5000, a 5-inch widescreen flat panel unit, and the TRAX 4300, both feature 360 Degree 3D Landmarks and new 360 Degree Terrain.

The TRAX 5000’s non-reflective 5-inch flat panel LCD screen is one of the largest on the market and with 360 Degree 3D Landmark technology it allows viewing of famous locations such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Queen Victoria Building and Sky Tower to be viewed in 3D from any angle.

However, Uniden is taking 3D technology further on the TRAX 5000 by incorporating the new 360 degree 3D City Maps feature so you can view entire city blocks in 3D. Also, the new 3D Terrain Software shows road elevations and land contours including overpasses and bridges. The TRAX 4300 has 360 degree 3D Landmarks and 360 Degree Terrain.

The TRAX 5000 also utilises Advanced Lane Guidance and Signpost Information to visually indicate the most appropriate lane to use.

“The TRAX range launched in 2008 was instrumental in making Uniden a trusted brand in a category which is increasingly being joined by low quality imitators,” said Uniden Australia senior national marketing executive, Brad Hales.

“As recently as June, Wheels magazine named the TRAX 436 the top performer in a comparative review and APC (Australian Personal Computer) magazine continues to include the TRAX 430 in its ‘Best Tech’ section month after month,” he said.

“We were the first manufacturer to offer 360 degree 3D technology and with the latest TRAX releases we are taking it a step further. We are confident these new devices will bring further strength to our position in this competitive market category.”

Other key features of the new TRAX 5000 and TRAX 4300 include Spoken Street Names (TTS), the latest ‘Where-is’ Australian and New Zealand mapping, POI Route Planning (up to 750,000 pre-programmed Points of Interest), where am I route planning feature, fixed speed and red light camera warnings, over speed alert, automatic day or night mode, predictive keyboard text and global mapping is also available.

Available this month, the Uniden TRAX 5000 is priced at RRP $349.95 and the TRAX 4300 is RRP $249.95.