At a launch event held at the Blue Hotel in Sydney yesterday, leading VoIP provider Skype, officially announced the availability of its global Skype online shop to Australian users.

According to Dan Neary, Asia Pacific general manager and vice president for Skype, the number one question Australian Skype customers have been asking of late is when the shop will be available on Australian shores.

The Skype online shop which was activated yesterday morning, will allow consumers to browse and buy a range of Skype certified accessories and hardware from third party merchants whom Skype has partnered with. Thus ensuring all items have passed Skype’s quality and performance certification tests.

Neary expressed that this service will be beneficial to consumers because one of the main issues consumers seem to have with Skype is that they tend to purchase products that aren’t officially recognised by Skype.

“We are excited to extend the Skype shop to Australia and make available to our users Skype Certified accessories which can enhance their user experience by broadening how and where they use Skype,” said Neary.

“This further illustrates our commitment to our users, providing them with a richer Skype experience and allowing them to continue their Skype conversations wherever they are.”

The Skype shop offers various products from third party merchants such as headphones, web-cams and numerous mobile handsets from the likes of Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson and Samsung. Neary expressed that as the shop develops it will continue to expand its product range.

Representatives from Hutchison, also known as 3, were also on hand to talk about the partnership it currently has with Skype and showed off the service on a range of new handsets.

Consumers can visit the Skype shop at or users who have upgraded to the all-new Skype can simply click on the ‘shop’ tab on the home screen.