In a recent report highlighting broadband usage around the world, Australia has just missed out on a top ten spot with a 72 per cent household penetration rate.

In the latest ‘Global Broadband Forecast: 1H 2009’ report published by Strategy Analytics, South Korea took out the top spot with an impressive 95 per cent penetration, followed by Singapore with 88 per cent and the Netherlands in third with 85 per cent.

Strategy Analytics attributes South Korea’s strong performance on it highly urbanised population and the existence of a comprehensive government-backed broadband policy.

Australia narrowly avoided making the top ten, but still is one of the top nations, finishing in 11th place out of a total of 58 nations.

According to Strategy Analytics, the Asia Pacific region in particular was proving to be very strong in the broadband market with five of the top ten scorers coming from the region.

To further highlight the dominance of the Asia Pacific region, the firm announced that it expects penetration rates to grow on average by a further 15 per cent a year between 2009 and 2013.

Some of the other notable results include France and the UK, who finished 14th and 15th with 68 and 67 per cent respectively; Japan in 16th position with 64 per cent; the USA in 20th position with 60 per cent; and New Zealand in 25th place with 57 per cent.

The top ten nations were:

1. South Korea 95%
2. Singapore 88%
3. Netherlands 85%
4. Denmark 82%
5. Taiwan 81%
6. Hong Kong 81%
7. Israel 77%
8. Switzerland 76%
9. Canada 76%
10. Norway 75%