By Patrick Avenell

It was a family affair for Seeley International in Melbourne last night, with Frank Seeley launching a new range of world’s first, energy efficient heating appliances. Before this announcement, Frank’s daughter Kari Seeley acted as MC, introducing Frank’s granddaughter Janna Seeley to sing lounge music. Afterwards, Frank’s son Barry Seeley, also known as Mysto the Marvellous, performed a magic trick.

The highlight of the new range is Braemar’s new 6-star ducted gas heaters, which are the first heaters of their kind to receive a 6-star energy rating. Called the THM6 Series, there are three options to choose from: 18, 23 and 32 kilowatts.

Features of these gas heaters include a modulated gas valve, 24 VDC combustion fan motor and a modulating control board.

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Company founder and chairman Frank Seeley, who is also the reigning South Australian of the Year, said these new 6-star models used 10 per cent less energy than a 5-star unit and a whopping 30 per cent less than a 3-star heater. Seeley estimated a saving of around $600-to-$700 per year for users, depending on their personal circumstances.

Importantly for local industries, Seeley said these new Braemar models were designed and manufactured in Australia, at Seeley’s Albury plant. In a speech to assembled dealers and builders, Seeley gave an impassioned defence of the Australian manufacturing industry, declaring that Australia “can beat the Chinese” if it maintains a focus on innovation and high quality products.

Also launched last night to applause from the guests was the Braemar THM5 Series, which is the World’s first non-condensing 5-star ducted gas heater range. In addition to being energy efficient, which can save consumers money in the long term, these units are one-third smaller than previous models, making them easier to install.

There are three models in the THM5 Series: 16, 20 and 30 kilowatts. As with the THM6 range, these units include extra air models to pair with integrated cooling.

The new 6-star Braemar THM6.

Notice how it's a 33 per cent smaller? That's because the THM5 is the first 5-star heater to dispense with the condensor.