By Claire Reilly

Uniden has today announced the launch of a new cordless phone set targeted specifically at the visual and hearing impaired, with a range of features designed to assist consumers with disabilities or the elderly.

“One of the most profound changes influencing our population growth is ageing,” said Brad Hales, senior national marketing executive at Uniden. “Uniden’s next-generation visual and hearing impaired cordless phones appeal to the needs of this growing demographic – who typically prefer fixed line phones over mobiles – offering the support they need to stay connected with family and friends with ease.”

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The XDECT SSE series cordless phone features large buttons and extra loud audio controls as well as a large LCD and caller ID display. There is a Text To Speech (TTS) functionality which announces the name of callers while the phone is ringing, and the device is also hearing aid compatible.

As an added convenience, there is an integrated digital answering machine that includes remote accesss (for checking messages when away from home) and a feature that allows users to slow down the recorded message for easier listening.

Alongside these features, which are already designed to simplify the calling process for users with hearing and vision impairments, the cordless phone can also be bundled with an emergency alert SOS pendant.

“The safety of the elderly and disabled, particularly those living alone, can cause great anxiety for family members,” said Hales. “An emergency pendant allows seniors to maintain an independent lifestyle, with the ability to call family and close friends for assistance if required, rather than an alarm centre.

“Set for release in January 2013, this splashproof personal alarm can be worn around neck or wrist, and activated in case of an emergency such as a fall or sudden illness. 

“When the ‘help’ button is pressed, the device will first call the internal home phone so that someone in the home may be notified.  If unanswered, the pendant will then dial up to five phone numbers that have been pre-programmed by the user.  Through the pendant, users can have two-way communication with their contact once the call is answered. If the call is not answered it will then automatically move on to the next contact until one of the five contacts pick up.”

The XDECT SSE series cordless phone is available now.

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Pricing and availability (provided by Uniden):
-SS E35 Cordless Phone: RRP $79.95.
-SSE35 + additional handset: RRP $129.95.
-SSE Pendant (available January 2013): RRP $99.95.
-SS E35 + Pendant (coming soon): RRP $169.95.